Frequently Asked Questions 

How are delivery associates paid and when?

Each Delivery Associate is paid a base rate of £99 per day plus daily bonuses. During peak we will increase payment per day.

All Delivery Associates are paid 2 weeks in arrears initially and weekly thereafter. As self-employed independent contractors, you are responsible for sorting out your own taxes or you can use an accountant if required.

Do I need my own van to work with ParcelVolt?

​No, we provide everything you need for the job including a branded van, there is no cost to the driver. We even cover the insurance and fuel costs. Vans are collected and stored securely at our station when they are not on the road.

Do you provide any training/induction?

​Induction is mandatory and provided to all delivery drivers joining the team.

It includes:

  • 2 days classroom induction
  • Drive-along with another experienced driver
  • 2 weeks of nursery routes to give you time to gain experience (4 days on a small nursery route and another 4 days on a larger nursery route)

Associates are paid the standard rate for completing each training day.

Do you provide uniforms to your delivery drivers?

​We provide branded uniform pack which includes tops, trousers/shorts, jackets, hats/caps and high visibility vest.

I have never driven a van before, does this mean I can't apply?

​Having van driving experience is not an essential requirement however, it's worth noting that our vans are long wheelbase vans and slightly different to driving cars. You will have to complete the driver training before being allowed on the road alone.

What areas or location will I be expected to deliver to?

​East Yorkshire and Humber area. It can be residential, commercial or to Amazon lockers.

What kind of service do you expect from drivers?

​ We care about our customers and we expect you to be courteous, friendly and handle all packages safely.

What are my Responsibilities as a Delivery Driver?

  • Load vans and deliver packages, by driving, stepping in and out of the vehicle safely a number of times throughout the day
  • Adhere to all safety regulation on the road
  • Operate a mobile device for GPS and daily records
  • Greet and interact with customers and the public with a professional and positive attitude

What are the Requirements to be a Delivery Driver with Parcelvolt?

  • Experience of driving a van
  • The ability and willing to be able to use the stairs to deliver packages
  • Able to lift and deliver packages (up to 23 kgs) and be able to get in and out a van numerous times throughout the day with or without reasonable accommodation
  • Must hold a valid driving licence with no major convictions
  • Able to pass a criminal background check
  • Able to pass a pre-scheduled and random drug and alcohol check
  • Able to commute to and from Melton Business Park (pickup location)
  • Flexible approach to working hours, approx. 10.30am – 9.30pm